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    Improved Features on Norton 360

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    No matter what type of internet security software you use on your computer, updates, upgrades and improvements should always make the experience better. Sometimes, with free software and low-grade products, the updates, upgrades and improvements that happen actually make the product less reliable, make it incompatible with your computer or make it stop working all together. Fortunately with the latest improvements to the Norton 360 software you’ll never see these types of problems. Instead you will see only benefits. Here are the top two improved features on the new Norton 360 software that you should get familiar, and comfortable, with.

    •SONAR behavioral protection and live 24x7 threat protection. This feature protects your computer by anticipating threats all day, every day, including those that might not even exist yet.

    •Bandwidth management 2.0. When you’re using internet services that have limited data allotments, like those on your cell phone and other data driven devices, this feature will work with
    your device to automatically adjust the software’s usage on the 3G network. This means you’ll see minimal mileage on your data plan from this software.

    Security is more and more about efficiency. Put yourself first by putting your software efficiency first. That way you will be making sure that you are both safe online, and not only that but you will be safer offline too as hackers can target you off the web too! Play it safe and invest in Norton 360.


    Introducing the Oracle Hyperion Essbase Certified Expert Certification

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    This certification path will give you the opportunity to become an Oracle Certified Expert with the Essbase specialization. Becoming a certified expert in this field will give you the skills you need to use Essbase to deliver comprehensive analysis through single or stand-alone deployment that relies on data from your enterprise data sources or act as the basis for custom or packaged BPM solutions. Below, we’ll take a brief look at how you can get started on this certification path.

    Although there are no formal prerequisites for earning this certification, it’s highly recommended that you receive a combination of classroom-based training, hands-on experience, and self-study. Of course, being as familiar as you can be with the product is also huge plus. The course that corresponds with this certification path is the Hyperion Essbase Analytics 9.3 Bootcamp. Participation in this course will give you practical knowledge and experience in the use of Essbase and will prepare you for the next step in the certification process, which is the Oracle 1Z0-264 exam.

    Effective self-study should include consistent review of your course notes,  communication with your colleagues and/or instructors, and getting a head-start on preparing for the end-of-course certification exam. Testslive is the recommended source for optimizing your Oracle 1Z0-264 exam study. With Testlive and their lineup of exam tutorials and study reference guides, you will have all your bases covered as you internalize the subject matter that is most important for passing the exam. Good luck to you as you work hard to earn your well-deserved Oracle certification.

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