Sitting in my chair here at home, sipping on some fine wine, I had a thought. Good grief, I forgot to wear a t-shirt today! Sadly, because I'm lazy, I could not force myself to go up to my second floor and pick up a dirty shirt, clean it, and then wear it.

So, I thought to myself, maybe I'll just buy one from the internet. It should be clean when I get it, right?

Have you ever typed "buy t-shirt" into google? I got like a billion hits, no joke, and I couldn't decide on which shirts to buy, and from whom I would buy it from. I figured the faceless masses of the internet could help me with my task of finding the best shirt for me on various days.

Other then having an affiliate account with some of the companies, I have no tie to them, so feel free to rip em a new one if the shirt sucks, and feel free to let me know if you know of any good t-shirt companies. Just e-mail me:

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